April 08, 2008

Welcome to Mobile 2.0 - Nokia N70 Softwares

VOIP Software Rate 5 - www.fring.comimage

A Must Useful Software :). One Can Talk to any person who ever is online & if the other person has fring in phone,one can talk for free across globe. Dynamic Real time chat Software , Try & Enjoy it :).

The Software needs GPRS Connection enabled in Phone to make use of it.

SMS INDIA Rate 4 - www.160by2.com image

A SMS Country INDIA Counterpart.Once Installed, the software will be helpful in sending sms across INDIA.You can set Memory Reminders,Birthday Reminders,Never Miss out Guys :). The Software is useful when GPRS is enabled in Phone,even without it can be used but less profitable.

Mobile WebCam Rate 5 - www.motvik.com image

WWIGO - WebCam Where I Go No Need Explanation.

A Phone needs a Camera & a Blue Tooth Transmitter :) Try & Enjoy it.

Aug 16, 2010

The Chicken Soup $ A Global Citizen!! - Global City

Objective -- I want to enjoy my life and want to go thru the Kingsize enjoyment @ Las Vegas-- Vegas

Vague Questions Vs Vague Answers

Protech - Germany
Prowise - France
Pro-Mind - US
Proactive - UK
Propose - South (Latin) America
Proximity - Pakistan
Project - HealthCare-US
Prolong - Russia
Prospective - China
Prespective - India
Pre-Emptive - UK
Preliminary - South Korea
Pre-reset - North Korea
Prime - Japan
Proposal - Australia

Some can Comment More\Correct if those Meanings are wrong.

Jul 21, 2010

Jul 9, 2010

A Thought Spike - To Letter From a Googol Fan!!

Google - Pls,Make Websites Safe for Users across the World by Tagging which country website,Google Search Users are accessing & Do remind them on the same with your own scale of visiting the site from security wise & ranking wise.Basically,To be Continued...

Jul 22, 2009

Linguistic Companies For A Better World

The Views are Strictly Personal But Welcome Suggestions/Comments

A Multilinguistic Hub Can have vast Influences through the edges of the Society.I googled on the emphasis of why not a linguistic services for the fortune 100 or 500 companies thereby later catering to various needs of the requirements at different levels from each point of prespectives.

Surprised to Know few companies in the service


A Few Free Lance Consultants too

When Value Generated Across A Century is shattered so rapid pace & shiftness,I suppose those value in registered papers,stamp sheets,currencies,economies growth can be nullified or barred or shaped better through each individual learning a new language,thereby opening the doors of knowledge,new society,new culture & eventually identifying new economies.

It sets the tone for the better recovery of GDP's & creation of better world through several individuals holding hands in different directions,which helps to create a real flat world in a better connected world where braveness is matter of communication & dialogues but not arsenals or ships. We,Integrate with the world through not only economic figures but also thru Information Technology Proweness for the last two decades.Now,to realise the green growth economy linguistic companies mushrooms creation is a must,inorder to challenge & have an impact on global climate change. Since Global Climate Change demands Innovation & it brings everyone into a common problem to face,thereby flat world serves the bed for innovation.
Innovation needs Cooperation & Collaboration & Micromanagement will be the need of the period.

IT Economy Growth - Unique Business Language.
Green Economy Growth - Unison Business Language. ( MultiLinguistic Companies Assisting Green Growth Companies)

Yet to GO....

Shaped Thoughts Through Lines of Experience

Version 1 : Everyday My Hope Blossoms like a flower to recognise my nectar skillsets by an employer ( Take Up Mode)
Version 2: Everyday My Hope Blossoms like a flower to portray my nectar skillsets for dectorating the employer's garland. (Giving Over Mode)

Just Like That One Different Piece :
Version 1: If Flame Can defy Gravity,Why all our Hope Can't Defy Disparity
Version 2: If Flame Can defy Gravity to Glow Up,why all our Hope Can't blow down Disparity
Version 3: If Flame Can Defy Gravity,Why all our Hope cant defy Disparity

In a world of Learning,Forget & Relearning Routine One
Learning to Live with Joy;Living to Learn with Passion

Jul 11, 2009

Helpful Nice Sites

www.purpleleap.com - Premier Skill Enhancement Company for College Students.
www.villagenaukri.com - Locate ‘Reserves of Potential’ in Rural India.
www.ruralnaukri.com - A Job Platform for Agribusiness, Rural Marketing, Retail and Development sector.
www.sharegurukul.com - Master the Stock Market.
www.labournet.in - LabourNet is a facilitating body that responds to low skill levels and poor working conditions in the construction sector.

Dec 23, 2008

Associativity Unvealed!!! Relativity Yet....

A Correlation Trying to Map to understand the bigger prespective from a smaller prespective

A Person Body - A Country Land - No Explanation Needed!

A Person Dress - A Country Borders
As like a person dress protects one & provides shelter for healthy life,a country borders also have to be clear inorder to reach the former,the later we have been infering.As of now,one can guess cinema or (XXXXWoods) media is the one that gives a soft power leverage.as rightly said my our PM...well IT too is a softpower :)

A Person Mind - A Country Goverment - By the People,For the People,Of the People.No More Questions!!

A Person Heart - A Country People - I am sure,each citizen who have the franchise to vote & who votes will understand clearly.

A Person Conscience - Free News media is the conscience of the society (or) country.We boast really for a genuine free news media unless the responsiblities are clearly defined for them & a measurement metrics to evaluate the goodness from the media.The process is there but needs refinement or versions to scale for quality.